After the age of one, babies gradually gain the ability to independently urinate and defecate. During this stage, parents should focus on developing their baby's use of a potty. One way to do this is by purchasing a baby potty specifically designed for this purpose, which helps cultivate good bathroom habits. Now, let's share some methods on how to train your baby to use a potty.

  1. Prepare the baby potty. Let your baby know that this potty is specially designed for them to pee in. Whenever your baby needs to urinate, guide them to use the potty.
  2. Encourage your baby. Babies around the age of one start seeking parental approval. If your baby successfully uses the potty, make sure to give them plenty of encouragement. When babies receive praise from their parents, they are more likely to repeat the behavior, gradually forming the habit of using the potty. At the same time, parents should remain patient and avoid complaining, as that can negatively impact the baby's motivation.
  3. Establish a regular bowel movement routine. Observe your baby's daily bowel movement patterns and note the times when they tend to defecate the most. When those times come, pay extra attention. Typically, mornings after waking up are a good time for bowel movements. Establishing a regular schedule for bowel movements can greatly help in controlling and managing them.
  4. Accompany your baby to the bathroom. You can place the baby potty next to the adult toilet and explain to your baby, "Because you are still small, you can sit on the potty to pee and poop. When you grow up a little, you can sit on the toilet just like mommy or daddy." It won't take long for the baby to realize that sitting on the potty is just as "natural and safe" as sitting on the toilet like adults do.

Lastly, parents must be patient during the training process and avoid rushing for immediate results. Remember to take it step by step.

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