Sexuality is a natural instinct in humans, and during adolescence, girls experience sexual desires and impulses as part of their physical and psychological development. However, due to a lack of sexual knowledge, many adolescent girls may feel confused, fearful, anxious, or even guilty about their sexual experiences. It is important to provide them with the necessary information and guidance to ensure their sexual well-being.

Understanding and Managing Sexual Impulses during Adolescence

During puberty, girls should be educated about the various physiological changes they experience, such as menstruation, breast development, and heightened sexual sensitivity. Developing a healthy sexual awareness and morality is crucial. They should consciously resist exposure to explicit and inappropriate stimuli, refrain from reading explicit materials, and avoid imitating sexual acts portrayed in movies or TV shows.

Building Healthy Relationships and Lifestyle Habits

Adolescent girls should be encouraged to choose their friends wisely and avoid associating with individuals who have inappropriate behavior. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle with regular sleeping patterns, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, and practicing good hygiene, including wearing loose-fitting clothing, can help manage sexual desires.

Emphasizing Natural and Respectful Interactions between Genders

Interactions between boys and girls should be natural, open, and friendly. It is advisable to engage in group activities and avoid frequent one-on-one encounters. When engaging with the opposite sex, it is important to maintain a calm mindset and use rationality to control emotions. Girls should cherish both friendship and their own purity.

The Risks of Premature Sexual Activity

Adolescent girls are still in the process of physical development, and engaging in sexual activities at this stage can be harmful. Premature sexual activity can cause damage to the reproductive system, including severe tearing of the hymen and vaginal injuries leading to excessive bleeding. Unplanned pregnancies can also have detrimental consequences, such as the need for abortion, which can negatively impact a girl's mental and physical well-being. Additionally, early sexual activity can disrupt academic performance and overall productivity.

The Hazards of Frequent Abortions

While abortion is considered a remedy for contraceptive failure, it is not advisable for women to undergo multiple abortions from the perspective of eugenics. Repeated abortions can lead to complications affecting future fertility. Examples include uterine bleeding due to repeated trauma to the endometrium and cervical injuries caused by the procedure. Furthermore, abortions can result in menstrual irregularities, wound infections, and psychological distress. It is essential to avoid frequent abortions to preserve women's reproductive health.


Promoting sexual health and well-being in adolescent girls requires understanding, education, and responsible decision-making. By providing comprehensive sexual education, fostering healthy relationships, and discouraging premature sexual activities and frequent abortions, we can empower young girls to navigate their sexuality with confidence and protect their physical and emotional well-being.

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