In the ever-changing landscape of family dynamics, establishing clear rules can be the key to avoiding internal conflicts and fostering a peaceful home environment. These ten rules have been validated through numerous consultations and are especially valuable for newlyweds who may be navigating the challenges of marital life.

Division of Household Chores

Assign specific responsibilities for household tasks such as cooking, washing dishes, sweeping, taking out the trash, cleaning the toilet, maintaining drains, changing bed linens, and managing laundry. Clearly defining these roles ensures a smoother household operation.

Boundaries with Parents

Both partners should maintain boundaries with their respective parents. When disagreements arise, especially between the couple, it's essential that neither set of parents intervenes. The couple themselves should handle any conflicts with their own parents.

Financial Planning

A healthy approach to family finances involves maintaining separate personal accounts and discretionary funds for each spouse. However, it's crucial to have one or more joint accounts for shared expenses like mortgage payments, children's education funds, retirement savings, and emergency funds. Access to joint accounts should require mutual consent. In cases where managing finances jointly is challenging, the partner with better financial acumen can take the lead.

Open Communication

Instead of making demands, openly express your needs to your partner.


When disagreements arise, especially over minor issues that don't touch on core principles, consider using methods like flipping a coin or alternating choices. For example, one partner chooses this time, and the other gets to decide next time. This approach eliminates unnecessary conflicts and ensures a fair decision-making process.

Respect and Constructive Feedback

When addressing your partner's flaws or concerns, avoid sarcasm or personal attacks. Discuss issues openly rather than complaining behind their back.

Daily Compliments

Make it a habit to offer compliments to your partner every day.

Individual Time

Set aside time each month for both partners to engage in individual activities or outings.

Daily Communication

Keep the lines of emotional communication open. Ask each other about your respective days and share experiences, no matter how ordinary they may seem.


Finally, maintain a regular schedule for intimacy in your relationship. Regardless of disagreements, it's crucial to keep this aspect of your relationship intact.

These rules can serve as a foundation for a healthy and harmonious family life. While every family is unique, having clear rules and boundaries can help reduce conflicts and create a more stable and loving home environment.

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